Saturday, January 9, 2010

Today I was a Tourist

Another beautiful day and I had woken up early for once, so I "gently" woke up Rachid and told him that "toady we're going to the kasbah". A kasbah is a fortified granary, but this one was destroyed by the earthquake in 1960 so only the outer walls and some piles of stones was left. But the reason why people go to the kasbah is because it's situated on a hill overlooking the whole of Agadir, the Atlantic and the surrounding hills.

We strolled around the ruins, enjoying the view and clear air. It's sad what happened in 1960. Some 15-20,000 people were killed and all off Agadir was destroyed. The kasbah is one of the few remains from the disaster. Today Agadir is acompletely different city, clearly built to satisfy sun worshiping westerners. The buildings resembles more those from a south European holiday destination than the "mystic" oriental of Morocco. It's all white and clean, all so superficial, and it makes me sad. Still, it's a nice place to linger for a few hours and do some shopping.

When the sun started to become less warming we decided for our descent from the hill, which was made on a half paved path that criss-crossed down the hill. The shadows formed fantastic patterns on the hills and mountains around us and I wished I was a better photographer. I think I will study the art on my free time. Morocco is after all, a photographer's dream destination. It would be stupid to waste the oportunities presented to me when they come, just because I've been too lazy to learn my own camera.

I still haven't ridden a Moroccan camel yet. God knows I've had plenty opportunities. The poor camels are being led around the beaches and other touristy places to offer rides. They are wonderful creatures really. I mean, what other animal can you compare it with? They're stubborn as hell too, and quite uncomfortable until you get the hang of it. One day I think I'll have my own camel. How cool would that be!

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Rachid said...

Being a tourist isn't always bad darling ; ) And besides, Agadir looks much better from above.