Thursday, January 14, 2010

A New Baby Andersson!

Today a new Andersson was born! Linda had a beautiful baby boy and I so wish I could be there to give her a huge hug and hold the little one; smell that special baby scent and try not to think of my own faint desire of one day having a baby. Because let's face it, I am getting old. Next year I'll turn 30. Twenty years ago I could've sworn that I would be both married and have at least two kids by the age of 30. But no, life presents itself in strange ways sometimes. Thank goodness I don't have any regrets though. I've done what I needed and wanted to do, experienced life as I needed to experience it, I've learned and I've grown.

Anyways, congratulations to Linda and to Emil and Alex who got themselves a baby brother! I'm so looking forward to see them all in June when I'm back for the summer and for Anna's wedding in Oslo.

Oh, and happy birthday to my mini brother Anton too, who turned 4 yesterday!

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Rachid said...

Congratulations to Linda, the big brothers and the baby from Morocco! Come visit us soon!