Saturday, January 30, 2010

Road Trip Day 6: Mirleft to Sidi Ifni and Home

We woke up early and took off to Sidi Ifni, a slightly larger town some 30 minutes south of Mirleft. The town was great; chilled out like the rest of the places we have visited during our little trip, but still full of soul and history. The town wasn't released from Spain until 1969 so a lot of the architecture and culture, even language, contains remains of the Spanish era. It's a cozy place to stroll around, especially the old Spanish part of town that provides something different for the eye than the common Moroccan architecture.

The town ends on the rocks that dives into the sea, giving a fantastic view of the big blue to the north and south. We had a small breakfast/lunch and then moved on to check the local souq out, but it contained nothing of interest. After about two hours we headed back to Mirleft and packed our stuff. We then got in the grande taxi and headed back to Agadir - a two hour scenic ending of our great first trip around Morocco.

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Rachid said...

It was a good trip for us, especially Tafraout surrounded by amazing mountains. Thank you for writing our story. I love you.