Thursday, January 28, 2010

Road Trip Day 4: Tafraout to Legzira

A grand taxi took me sadly out of Tafraout and onwards to Tiznit, where Rachid was planning to buy some jewelries for his shop in Taghazout. It was raining when we got there and the medina didn’t look that appealing anymore, especially since we had to carry around our bags and everything. Rachid had started to catch a cold and I was tired and just wanted to get to a warm nice place to spend the night. But we were both fooled into following a man who promised a whole sale jewelry store, who took us through narrow streets, doorways in alleys until we had no idea where we were. Finally we reached a very hidden silver store (Rachid had told the man over and over again that he was not interested in silver), which of course had gorgeous jewelries, but nothing of interest to us except for a pair of earrings that I once owned and lost. At least I got that much from the tiresome journey through the medina in the rain.

Well back at the grande taxi station we decided to head out to Legzira, a beach south of Mirleft and just north of Sidi Ifnit. The taxi stopped in the middle of nowhere and we had to walk down a very muddy road down to the beach to reach Legzira. All I wanted was a nice place for the night where we could warm up, get our moods up and take a walk down the beach where the magnificent rock formations are for some nice photos. So, Rachid met a friend who gave us a room for 120DH, which is an ok price. But when we got there it was not what I had expected. Ok, I’m by no means a person of high standards and can sleep on a mattress on a floor amongst cokroaches if necessary, but for one night – just one night – I wanted a cool place with a little more luxury than a battered bed. Legzira is not blessed (or cursed, depending on how you see it) with electricity yet so the generators are only on for about 3 hours from about 7PM. Great. Now I was in an even pissier mood; muddy and with a headache and still frozen into my marrow.

After some childish moaning and crying we switched place to Beach Club, which cost us quite a lot more but was definitely more welcoming and cozier. Darkness was falling so we went for dinner and back to the room where Rachid fell asleep. Maybe he has some fever coming, bless him. Now I’m just waiting for the generator to pump it’s final heartbeat for the night, crawl under a bunch of blankets and listen to the waves outside my window. When I wake up I expect the sky to be clear blue, Rachid to be well and a lot of pictures taken. The plan is to check out Legzira properly, head to Sidi Ifni and perhaps make a stop in Mirleft on our way back home. If we like one of the places, we’ll probably spend another night away and head home to Taghazout the day after.

Despite of some disappointments (like the cold) the trip has been fantastic so far, but I have to admit that I miss the climate of dear old Taghazout where your blood doesn’t freeze as soon as you get out of bed. Hopefully it will be warmer tomorrow and I’ll have more interesting stuff to write about then.

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Rachid said...

I hated that man that tried to fool us into the mazes of the medina in the rain!