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Airlines I have used:

Fly to the land of fire and ice with Icelandair to reasonable prices.

Turkey's national airline has a network of over 100 international and 28 national destinations. I've mainly used them to go to Egypt cheaply, but the international destinations includes Europe, Middle East, Central Asia, the Far East, Africa and USA.

Based in the Scandinavian countries, SAS offers good serviced air traffic mainly within Europe but also a few destinations in Asia and USA.

If you want to fly cheaply within Europe, Ryanair is the way to go. The airports are often (but not always) situated in the outskirts of main cities, but with good communication to and from the city. The prices displayed on the webpage does not include taxes and other fees, so make sure to check the final price before confirming if you're on a low budget!

As the largest airline in the middle east, Emirates it the easiest choice if you want to visit the mysteries of the desert, the towers of Dubai or dive the Red Sea.


As one of the (once) largest countries in Africa it is also one of the least visited. The country is about to split in two; Sudan and South Sudan and has long been haunted by war, famine and conflicts. Despite of the general absence of tourists, the country has a lot of things to offer for those who are looking for some proper adventures: the pyramids of Meroe, Gebel Barkal, half forgotten but well preserved ruins of kushite temples and the booming capital Khartoum. Amazing and basically unspoiled scuba diving in the Red Sea's Port Sudan is not to be left out of your travel plans! Lonely Planet and offers an overview of the country and information about the main touristic destinations.

The main airlines travelling to and from Khartoum International Airport is KLM, Lufthansa, Kenya Airways, Emirates and Turkish Airlines. The national airline is Sudan Airways.

The popular uprising has in major ways affected this country, with one of the most fascinating and well known histories on earth, which has also had it's toll on the tourism. But fact remains that the grand pyramids still stand, the Egyptian Museum is still full of glory and the Red Sea still shimmers with a whole world of colorful fishes and corals under the surface. The Red Sea resorts have been considered safe from the beginning of the revolution and continues to be so.

I used Turkish Airlines to go to and from the capital Cairo but most major airlines can provide tickets in all price ranges to all major airports in the country, not to mention countless charter companies arranging package and last minute trips to the main touristic areas.

The one thing that attracted me the most about Morocco was the mysteries; colorful lamps, spices, mint tea, the berber people, amazing souqs and remote villages that value tradition above anything else. Of course the country has a lot more to offer, like anything from trekking the Atlas Mountains to surfing awesome waves on the Atlantic coast to shaking your behind to hard rythms at the Essaouira Gnaoua Festival.

Travel to Marrakech with British Airways or low price EasyJet. To Agadir with EasyJet, Casablanca with Egypt Air, Emirates, Jet4you or Lufthansa. The flag carrier airline of Morocco is Royal Air Maroc. For package holidays, check with your favourite charter company.

The country of fire and ice and with an amazing history of Norse Gods and vikings, Iceland is probably one of the most intriguing and fascinating countries in the world. The Blue Lagoon, Gullfoss, Geysir and of course the charming and very hip capital Reykjavík (with some awesome shopping!) are not to be missed!

Keflavík Airport is the main international airport on Iceland and is situated just south of the capital Reykjavík. Go to Iceland with Icelandair, Lufthansa or SAS.

A home country can seem dull and uninteresting at a young age, but as you grow older and you have travelled abroad it's not uncommon to appreciate and value it more. This was the case for me and by beloved Sweden. Long ago, the country was filled with ice but is now a haven of deep forests, glimmering lakes, mountains and picturesque islands. Today, Sweden is known for its history of vikings, IKEA and hot chicks.

Stockholm is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. Go there with British Airways, SAS or Lufthansa among many other airlines. Göteborg is the second largest city in Sweden and is situated on the west coast. Get there cheaply enough with City Airline or EasyJet. Ryanair provides cheap tickets to most major cities within the country.

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