Friday, November 9, 2012

Looking for Former Child Soldiers

I'm planning to write a piece on Child Soldiers as a means to share their stories to the world. Anyone who assists will of course get pseudonym if he or she wishes.

A child soldier in this case refers to children under 18 who have been voluntarily or forcefully recruited into armies/rebel groups/opposition groups. Both boys and girls. It's not necesarry to have been a fighting soldier; many other tasks done for a military group are included in the term "child soldier." It could be for sexual use, for coooking or cleaning, running errands or spying, just to name a few. No special country or region is preferred; anyone who fits into the description could do a great lot for others to open their eyes for what's going on in the world.

Are you one of these or do you know anyone who is?
Please contact me for more information.

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