Friday, January 29, 2010

Road Trip Day 5: Legzira to Mirleft

The day started out beautifully. The clouds and rain was gone and the view from the terrace just outside our room showed reddish stone arches against the turquoise water and the bright blue sky. Legzira is definitely something special; mostly hidden from the tourists, all quiet, the colours and so chilled out that I almost felt high walking the beach while the sun was warming my face (and waves were wetting my shoes). The tide was coming up so I never got to get to the place where I wanted to take some photos, but I got a couple of ok ones for memories sake anyways.

It was time to move on, so we strapped on our bags and went uphill (phew..!) to the road where we hopefully would catch a ride of some sort. It didn’t take long until a nice man stopped and gave us a lift to Mirleft. Once there we were once again approached by a money hunting local who showed us a studio for about half the price of what we would have payed in one of the budget hotels.

Mirleft has an atmosphere that is hard to compare with anything else I’ve experienced in Morocco so far. It’s off season and the place hasn’t been discovered by gold hunters and hotel chains yet so I think that for the first time I felt that I was in a village that were truly ”local”. There are apparently some expats living here and there were definitely some very nice and expensive villas down towards the beach, but the centre of the village, the eateries and the bar we went to was all authentic. I could stay here longer and just enjoy the village, but Taghazout is calling and tomorrow we’ll head back home. Maybe we’ll go for a short trip to Sidi Ifni before taking the bus/taxi to Agadir. Depends when we wake up I suppose. I’ll try my very best to hear the alarm without turning it off in the morning. I promise.

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Rachid said...

Legzira was amazing, although we did fight a bit about the accomodation ; )