Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Road Trip Day 2: Tafraout

The day was spent checking out the town, which Rachid explained to be an authentic Berber village despite of the touristic influences. A stroll in any direction was a blessing for the eye. Golden rock formation and respectfully rough mountains surrounded the whole village. We took a stroll through the small souq and did some shopping. I found a nice pair of traditional Ameln Valley shoes which I’m very happy for.

Not knowing exactily where we were heading, we ended up in the ”old town”, which was more like the ”ancient town” and a wonderful sight with it’s still standing mud walls with magically decorated old doorways and wrought iron windows. We were all alone in this labyrinth of old times, ghosts and stories that would never again be told. I loved every part of it.

That night we bunkered up with two extra thick blankets and a bunch of candles to heat up our room a bit. We weren’t very successfull, but time went past and then it was time for another day.

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Rachid said...

Don't forget all the shopping! The shoes we found were great and will sell good back home in Taghazout, don't you think? Loved the old buildings in town.