Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pain and Herbalism

I can’t seem to get rid of this damn tension/headache/toothache. During day I press my teeth together and at night I grind them, always walking up with an exploding skull. Thanks to it I’ve missed two assignments in school, but I hope I can redo them within the next week or so, but this headache/tension has to stop, so at the moment I have developed a new interest and hobby; herbalism. Morocco is full off unique herbs and plants with medical purposes and I’m striving to learn more about them, the process of becoming a certified herbalist. How cool would that be! I could travel the world just selling essential oils and organic teas in mine and Rachid’s stylistic future Wolksvagen. If anyone knows of an English speaking practicing herbalist in Morocco, please let me know, otherwise I have to take the course through correspondence and I don’t think that’s the way to learn about important practical stuff like that. Sheila is sharing some of her information and might be interested in joining me for a course if we can find one, which would be great.

As in many developing countries, herbalism is a very common way of treating illnesses and other troubles, so here I wouldn’t be a wierdo wannabe-wicca-witch who is into rituals and stuff. I’ve just learned to respect the power of what the nature has to bring us. It’s basically the same as ”modern medicine” anyways; all compiled of chemicals in different combinations to suit the needs of the customer. Some herbalistic medicines even seem to have a stronger and better affect than all the pills we put into our bodies these days.

Good news is that my darling baby brother Jimmy and his friend Elias is coming over on the 17th. Being a bit emotional at the moment my eyes start to tear when I think of seeing him again, although it’s hardly been five months since we met last. He’ll bring snus too. Then I finally might be able to quit smoking once and for all and not do the same mistake to start smoking when i quit snus, or I’ll simply make the mistake of continuing with snus. Hm…

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