Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Revival of my own Moroccan Garden

The pain continues but at least I got to sleep for six hours last night, which is the longest sleep I’ve had without interruption in weeks. Still, I’m not feeling too well so it’s a pity that I probably won’t be able to go to Immouzer to the Rainbow Gathering there tomorrow. But I suppose there will be other opportunities.

Today I’ve started the process of reviving my mostly dried out tomato plants. They went sad after our trip to Tafraout but I still got hope for them. So this morning me and Rachid set off to the beach to collect pieces of old Moroccan ceramic tiles to cover the soil with (so that it won’t get dry after an hour of sunlight). It looks great by the way, but I won’t upload any pics until the plants are fully recovered so that you can see how beautiful my mini garden is (when it’s healthy) : )

My visa will expire on the 12th of March, so I’m planning to go to Ceuta (this small part in northern Morocco by the Mideterranean that belongs to Spain) just to get a new stamp in my passport. Might stay away for a few days, see Ceuta, Chefchauen and perhaps one or two short visits to a city like Tangier, Fez, Meknes, Rabat or Casablanca. There’s just too many places here that I want to visit. Morocco is truly a gorgeous country and wherever I go I get stunned by the beauty and diversity of the landscapes and culture. I’m looking forward to collect more research and experiences for my small book project.

Sheila came over this evening and told me about the court case. Seems like she will at least get her money back next Monday, but who knows about the Moroccan authorities. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for her and darling Tiernan!

It’s starting to get a bit warmer again, so Jimmy and Elias will hopefully be lucky and get some sun in their faces before returning to cold Sweden. I’m really looking forward to having them over. I just have to fix the ”outroom” which got pretty much destroyed in the rain, but I think I’ll let Rachid handle all the dirty work and I’ll concentrate on selecting beautiful candle lamps, curtains to shield the room off the rest of the yard and other decorative stuff. I know, I know, I’m starting to sound like a housewife, but believe me, I’m really not, which you would see if you could see our apartment right now. My angel Rachid is taking care of most of the household things these days, but hopefully I’ll be recovered in a not too distant future and can act as a more ”normal” person.


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