Friday, October 22, 2010

The Secret of Bliss

It took me two days before I could start to write this. Two days of an unimaginable storm of emotions rushing through me, messing up all rational thinking and still letting me see clearly for a long long time. I have sought the source of happiness for most of my adult life, searching for that one thing that will allow me to feel bliss. I had no luck, until two days ago.

Linda called me, after what seemed like forever. I had been waiting impatiantly all day. We knew there would be news from the children's hospital in Göteborg about Jamie's cancer; either the tumour had shrunk in a satisfying way allowing a surgery, or more cytotoxin would be required. This is what happened:

Me: Did they call? What did they say??
Linda: Well, there is one good news...
Me: Tell me! What is it?!
Linda: At least there won't be any more cytotoxin!
Me: Wohoooo! That's wonderful! So when is the surgery?!
Linda: Well... there won't be a surgery either...
Me: What do you mean?
Now I was thinking the worst. Is there nothing else they can do for him? Is this it?
Linda: He doesn't need it, the tumour isn't a threat anymore!

When the information started to sink in, I started to cry. An erruption of pure happiness and relief just surged through me. I've never in my whole life felt anything like this. It's a bloody miracle! Jamie doesn't have cancer anymore! I thought I had my priorities in life, and I thought that happiness was something that occured to the individual, something that had to do with your ego. But no, bliss is found in the caring of others, nothing less. I cried of happiness that whole day; for Jamie that will have a life, a future. For Linda, who no longer will suffer from the angst and worry of loosing her child and to see him suffer. For Jamie's brothers, who will have their baby brother to tease and to play with. For the whole family, that no longer need to imagine a future without the baby, and for all friends, who have prayed, hoped and crossed their fingers.

So many people have followed this baby's struggles through cancer and in their best ways supported his mother, kept her strong, made her not give up. I think it's the power of all these people, who made this miracle happen.

From now on, my previous worries are nothing. I no longer care about ignorant people acting out of jealousy, of bad things being said about me. I don't care about money or other material things. All that are just trifles and not worthy my energy. What I do care for, is my family and friends. They are what make me happy and keeps me going, and I will do anything that is in my power to make them feel what I feel right now. Nothing is more important than that.

So, to all my friends and family: I love you!
And to my foes: Fuck off.

The picture is borrowed from Souls Talking Brain.


Anonymous said...

Du har lyckats. Varit det stöd du ville, framförallt till mig. Allt har inte sjunkt in in än. Är så lycklig. Tack för allt.

LINDA said...

Förresten Url jag lämnar är mitt, LINDA´s!!! Kramar

Meme said...

Tack älskade Linda. Känns som att vi har lyckats allihop i slutändan. Tack själv för att jag får vara med på er resa!