Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good News vs. Police Razzia

The bump on Jamie's back turned out to be an enlarged muscle, thank goodness. We're all so relieved and sort of in a shock. Although most of us were more or less sure that it wasn't another tumour, the worries was still there and the good news was like putting the air out of a huge balloon about to explode. I can't even express what I feel right now. Sure, he's still not eating enough, but he's so much better than last week, and with the good news all the hopes we all had gathered are back. I have no doubt what so ever that there soon will be a surgery to remove the foul tumour once and for all and that Jamie will get fully recovered and live the happy life he so much deserves.

I'm staying with Linda and her beautiful kids since they got back from the MRI. Last night I shared bedroom with Jamie and I can now stop worrying that I wouldn't wake up when I'm sleeping in the same room as a baby. I woke up every time he moved or sighed or when he dropped his dummy. It was definitely good training for future happenings!

And now to the happening of the day. Me, Linda and Sara were out running a few errands and were on our way back. Linda was driving her car with Jamie in the front and me, Sara and baby Nova in the back. We were 100 m from the house when suddenly we saw the characteristic blinking blue lights in an under cover police car behind us. Linda stopped and out marched two officers asking for her driving's licence. She got to blow in this alcohol reading device. All was in order, until one of the officers said no to let us go. Suddenly another police car showed up and in a few seconds we had officers blocking all of the car doors, refusing to let any of us out, including Sara with her screaming baby who was really really hungry.

They said they suspected that Linda was affected by some drugs (?!) and asked her to step out and get in their car to do an eye test. Poor, poor Linda who has had enough for years to come was about to burst, just as me and Sara who sat helpless and locked in in the back of the car, forbidden to touch our phones or even close the doors to avoid the babies to freeze. Naturally Linda was allowed to go.

I have never experienced such social incompetence in the Swedish police force. They claimed it was a "routine control". Do they have it as a routine to be SO unpleasant and rude too? They had no reason what so ever to put Linda, or anyone for that matter, in a position like that, making her and the rest of us feel guilty for something we didn't do. To put someone through that, they need an underlying reason - something that they didn't have. I know that I can't properly describe the situation in words. Let's just say that no professional should act the way they did. Two babies were crying their lungs out and they couldn't even let one of the mothers stand outside the car OR close the doors so that they wouldn't freeze. What did they think; that we would pick out our automatics and start shooting? Or that we would pick up the babies and run into the bushes?

It was shameful, the way they acted. All the neighbors were watching through the windows, embarrassing all of us. What must they think now? I hope that the responsible officers will understand that they acted completely unprofessional and rude. Be sure that I will do my best to make that happen. This is not what it should be like in Sweden (or anywhere else for that matter).