Tuesday, October 5, 2010

SD Uncovered

During the inauguration church service for the new Swedish Parliament, Sweden Democrats (SD) chose to leave when the bishop Eva Brunne (the first openly lesbian bishop in Sweden) in her sermon said that:

Last night thousands of people in Stockholm and in different part of the country gathered to manifest themselves. Shout out their abhorrence for that that makes a difference between people. That racism that says that you are not as much worth as me. You shall not have the same rights as me. You are not worthy of a life in freedom. And this of a single reason - that we happen to be born in different parts of the world. It is not worthy of a democracy as ours to make a difference between people. It is not possible for a person of faith to make a difference between people. It is not worthy people to make a difference between people. Here, it is not enough to give a few hundered people mandate to our cause. Here, we have a common commission. And if somebody silence or gets silenced in the fight for human value, we have to make sure that also the stones will shout. We do it with the help of God.

I thought it would take more than a day in the Parliament for SD to reveal their true identity, but I guess it's good that it happened sooner rather than later. A political party that has persisted on not being racists and hostile towards foreigners chose to leave the bishop's sermon (in the presence of the king, whom they wanted to honour) because she spoke of equality and anti-racism. They claim to be "deeply insulted" because they felt that the speach was aimed at them and therefore left the church in protest. Clever. I cannot think of a more obvious proof of the politics SD want to introduce into our society - a society that is rich because of our immigrants. If SD truly aren't racists, why walk out on a speach about anti-racism?

The reaction amongst other sermon participants were colourful to say the least.

KD:s party leader Göran Hägglund: "It's very unsuitable to do that. What the bishop was talking about was equality between all people and to break up and march out in protest like they did, shows their basic outlook."

M:s parliamental group leader Anna Kinberg Batra: "If you get that provoked when someone talks about equality between all people that they get up and leave, then you clearly show that you're an extreme party."
MP:s mouthpiece Maria Wetterstrand: "The feeling was that they marched out of church as if they were an army. It was like when Iran is provoked in the UN and walk out."

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