Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cairo Protests - Saturday 3.30 AM

Saturday 3.30 AM, January 29th 2011: Mubarak spoke on national TV right after midnight, saying that he is firing his ministers but made it clear that he will not step down from the president post. He promised reforms and said that a new government will be appointed during the day. Obama urged the Egyptian government to refrain from violence, to keep it's promises and to open up internet and mobile nets. People's response to Mubarak's speach is far from positive. The problem is not the ministers as such, but the dictator and lack of democracy and basic rights. What the people is for the president to retire. It's too late for him to make promises that everybody knows will not be kept.

Outside our window we can hear shootings regularly now from what seem to be sharp guns, automatics and bombs. The sky occationally lights up and shouts are heard from all directions although it doesn's seem like there are that many people outside right now.

Minutes ago I watched a group of civilians having energetic talks with the military. One of them was taken away in a pickup truck. It's surreal and I wish I could contact my family to let them know that I'm ok, but I can't.

I didn't sleep well last night, for obvious reasons and I'm dead tired. I doubt I'll be able to sleep, but rest is needed as Saturday will be long and filled with more protests and catastrophies. We're going to try to find an open supermarket tomorrow so we can stack up with drinks and food as almost everything is closed. I don't know where we'll be able to get breakfast in the morning. Good night people. Be safe and continue your support for the Egyptians and all other people in the Arab world that are fighting for their freedom at this very moment.

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