Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cairo Protests - Part VII

January 27th, 2011: The streets in this part of downtown have been calm today, but there have been reports of protests around the city all day. The people of Cairo are preparing for the largest demonstration so far which is supposed to take place tomorrow after the Friday prayers. The government's response seems to be that all major mosques in central Cairo will be closed, which of course will make people even more upset and draw more people to the protests that up until now haven't cared much for attending.

Facebook and Twitter, as well as mobile nets, are currently shut down which is meant to make it more difficult for people to communicate and spread information about the ongoing situation in the country and tomorrow's demonstrations. I will keep on posting videos and photos here as long as it's possible and as long as I can get close enough without being in the middle of it.

Please spread these videos on Facebook, Twitter and other social medias as it's important that the world gets to see what's going on in the country now that we're being censored. Please make sure to link to my blog if you intend to use the videos and photos.

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Anonymous said...

Lämna dom här, bilder och sånt


Anonymous said...

ALLA pratar om att störta diktatorerna i MÖ och ge folket äntligen en demokrati.

ALLA påpekar att nu sprider sig kampen för demokrati (revolutionen) i alla muslimska länder.

VARFÖR sprider sig inte kampen till Iran?
Varför INGEN kräver att Irans diktatoriska regim skall störtas?

Kanske verkligheten är att det är Iran som stor bakom .."Islamic awakening created by the victory of the great Revolution of the Iranian nation.."

VEM vågar sätta igång demokratisering av Iran?