Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cairo Protests - Sunday 30th

January 30th 2011: Today fighter jets started to fly low over Cairo with deafening sounds, adding yet another factor to make the city appear more and more like a war zone. The general reaction about the turn of events is that the government is trying to put fear and respect into the people and although it undoubtly is a bit frightening it hardly had the effect the government were hoping for. The curfew was implemented at 3 PM this afternoon, three hours earlier than Friday and Saturday, but few have obeyed and there are still thousands of protesters out in central Cairo.

The police have re-entered the city and are more hated and disrespected than ever before. Surely someone needs to take over the job of protecting the citizens from looting, thugs and hundereds of escaped prisoners, but it's quite clear that the police are no longer welcome among the people.

I had a violent wakeup around 7.30 this morning by sharp gun shots. Half an hour later, Swedish newspaper Expressen/GP called and requested an interview. We met in Opera Square and retired to our apartment for some ”home environment” and privacy. Shortly after, Swedish Radio called, requesting another interview. I've been frustrated of having all this material; photos, videos and surreal scens burned into my eyes, and not being able to share them. It's absolutely mandatory that the world gets to see what exactily is going on here and from what I understand the coverage in Sweden hasn't been as wide as it deserve. Of course it matters that we've been cut out from internet, but luckily images and videos have still been leaked and I've been able to follow the progress on CNN and BBC, making it possible to know what to expect before I leave the apartment.

It's more than clear that the Egyptians won't back down now. They have rosen and will stand arise until Mubarak falls. They're desperate, furious and committed to see this through. I'm honored to be among those to witness one of the biggest historical events in the Arab world. The power of many have once again been proven.

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