Friday, January 28, 2011

Cairo Protests - Friday 11.30 PM

Friday 11.30 PM: The warlike sounds from the city have decreased, although an occational gun goes off, and it seems to be a bit calmer in the streets. The police have completely surrendered and left the streets for the military to control. It's reported that the military is showing it's support for the people in some places and that they're shooting in other places. It's clear that the people are hoping that the military will take control and help to overthrow the president and inforce social, political and economic reforms that will benefit the people instead of a few rich ones.

In addition to the ruling political party's headquarters, the national TV-building has been seized and is said to be burning. Shops and businesses are being plundered and it's said that the protesters are not to be blamed, but that it is the work of security forces trying to shed a bad light on the demonstrators. Rumors also say that businessmen and women are collecting their savings and are leaving the country, but I have no way of confirming that at the moment.

The tear gas is no longer burning my face but the whole situation is so surreal that I feel like I'm part of some horrifying movie about the beginning of a war. The official death toll in Cairo is five at the moment, but my good guess is that the number can be multiplied several times. More people have lost their lifes outside of the capital. Especially Suez has been bad.

President Mubarak still haven't adressed the people and nobody knows for sure what will happen next. A probable picture of tomorrow's events is that of military in the streets, closed businesses and more protests that probably won't be just as big as they've been today. Nevertheless I've repaired my face mask in preparation for more gas canisters. Mobile nets and internet is still shut down and I'll publish this as soon as I can.

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