Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hospital again

Angelina may be more beautiful than me but...
...I've got a bigger upper lip! Hah!

 Angelina VS. Meme
I didn't sleep last night, at all. My sleeping problems are bad, and being sick didn't really help. When I "woke up", or rather came to my senses in the morning after a long night of uneasy lethargy my upper lip was swollen and was starting to spread into my mouth. So off I went to hospital again, praying that the medicines they'll give me there will be enough and that they won't keep me for the night.

The first doctor I met was a little strange, but nice. He had already read about my many visits to the hospital these past six months and knew about all the basic tests they've already taken, but still asked about the most obvious things. Like "are you allergic to something you eat?". Like I haven't tried that, and no, I'm not. The allergy specialists even say I'm NOT allergic. He adviced me to keep off soy too, which will be a slight problem since I'm a vegetarian. Besides, I'm pretty sure they tested me for that too.

They gave me a huuuge dosis of cortisone and then I had to wait for nearly three hours before they decided I could go. I went straight home, jumped into my PJ's, into bed and sat there conforting myself online until I fell asleep at 9 PM (just to wake up at 1 AM again...).

When will this shit end?!


Marianne said...

Men stackare som har så svårt att sova. Och att du är så mycket sjuk. Bra att de tar dig på allvar i alla fall på sjukhuset och hjälper dig.

Krya på dig!!!

Meme said...

Tack! Tycker inte de hjälper så mycket på sjukhuset förutom att ge mediciner, verkar som att det tagit slut på utredningar : /

Linda said...

Du är vacker ändå!