Thursday, September 23, 2010

33 Reasons why SD are Racists


People ask what makes Sweden Democtats (SD) a racist party. Here is a (by me) translated version of their 33 points about immigration that were adopted in May 2005 that might give you multiple answers to that question:

  1.  Sweden shall, within EU, support the proposal "Safe haven", i.e. asylum reception in areas next to the outskirts of EU.
  2.  Until a system with "Safe haven" has been consequently implemented, Sweden should cancel its connection to the New York-protocol from 1967. This would mean a return to the Geneva convention's original undertaking, namely to recieve refugees from other European countries.
  3. Asylum application in Sweden shall be done at the border in connection with the entering, otherwise no handling or trial.
  4. A satisfactory presentation of identity, otherwise no handling and trial of asylum application.
  5. Mandatory tests concerning HIV-tests of those who apply for stay permit.
  6. Mandatory tests concerning HIV and tuberculosis  and other epidemics when applying for stay permit in Sweden.
  7. Asylum applicants that commit crimes - even less serious offences - shall immediately be deported without further trial of application.
  8. Temporary stay permits (TUT) shall be a rule. Not permanent (PUT).
  9. Immidiate enforce of rejection- and deport decisions.
  10. Stop for parents' opportunities to drive children to apathy in order to obtain PUT. Such things should not be rewarded.
  11. Abolish the opportunity to hand in a new application (NUT) after a lawful decision of deportation.
  12. "Danish rules" for family reunion, 24 years of age and connection rules, own residence, stable economy, etc. This is important to prevent forced marriage.
  13. No Swedish teaching before stay permit.
  14. No optional settlement for asylum applicants.
  15. No cash allowances for asylum applicants, only food and shelter.
  16. No permission for regular work before stay permit. However duty to compensate for costs of stay.
  17. Restrictiveness in granting Swedish citizenship.
  18. Annullement of citizenship and stay permit at serious offence.
  19. Deportation of foreign citizens at repeated offences.
  20. Annullement of stay permit when showed that "the refugee" could visit the country from where he/she fled.
  21. Repatriation of foreigners who subordinate Swedish law and authority decisions for Islamic decrees and traditions.
  22. A more effective foreigner control within the country.
  23. An increased border control, fine injunction for transport companies that don't adopt the visa obligation.
  24. A larger restrictivity in granting a new passport for those who lost a previously issued document.
  25. Ban against burka/niqab in public places.
  26. No more mosques on Swedish ground.
  27. Special support for students with immigrant backgrounds shall be conditioned. Also parents have to show an active engagement in learning the Swedish language.
  28. No regular teaching in Arabic or other immigrant languages in school.
  29. Prohibit to send children to Quran-schools in their home countries to "undo Swedishness".
  30. Sanctions against parents to under aged repeated criminals.
  31. No special treatment for individuals and groups on the sake of ethnicity.
  32. With the exception of the primary information to asylum applicants the authorities' information and documents shall be supplied in Swedish.
  33. Tear up the law that means a converted evidence production of evidence and that cause employers excessive fines based on stated "discrimination of immigrants".
Jimmie Åkesson about point 7: "If a 15 year old shoplifts, the whole family shall be deported."
Jimmie Åkesson about point 12: "Immigrants should not be allowed to get married until they're 24 years old."
Jimmie Åkesson about point 16: "They have to work for food and shelter. They can clean in the refugee shelter."
Jimmie Åkesson about point 21: "Foreigners shall be deported if they criticize Sweden."
Jimmie Åkesson about point 25: "Burka is a political uniform for islamism and shall be banned."

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