Saturday, August 28, 2010

Plan Crasher

I'm a person who loves to make plans. I need to make them, to make myself feel like at least I'm trying to do something good about my life. It's also fun! It's great to sit down, get cozy and write down all the awesome things you're going to do next and how to get there. But then something happens, usually something out of my control (and that is not a self excuse) and sometimes it's my own making. 

I'm impulsibe, have always been and always will be. It's what makes me feel alive, to suddenly want to do something - and then do it! It makes me feel like... me. Sometimes I fail miserably, but a few times I actually hit the jackpot and comes out of the whole experience with more knowledge and a whole bunch of wonderful memories to go back to when the days are grey and rainy. Sometimes I even find a little happiness along the way. How I treasure that...

So, I think I will keep on planning, and keep on failing. Because sometimes, you actually end up finding that treasure digged down in the end of the rainbow.

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