Friday, February 11, 2011

Egypt Protests - VICTORY!

Mark my words readers; on February 11th 2011, Egypt changed the world. Through persistent peaceful demonstrations filled with love and respect for eachother and spiced with a good amount of humour, the brave Egyptians managed to throw the president Hosni Mubarak out. The joy I feel for the people of Egypt and for every other person living under an oppressive regime is impossible to describe. The first minutes after VP Suleiman made the announcement that Mubarak is stepping down I was in chock and had to ask Khalid some 10-20 times if it's really true. I though that maybe it was another lie to calm the people down. I though that maybe they heard wrong. But no. As from today, the 30+ year long dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak has come to an end and it wasn't through violence or assassination (even though the people surely could have taken that path too) but through non-violence and love for eachother. I'm amazed.

It makes me incredibly proud of having witnessed this fantastic transformation of Egypt. Thank you Egyptians, for giving the world hope and trust that the people will always be the ones in power if they choose to. Miracles can be made by human hands and one individual truly can make a huge difference.

I'm pretty speachless, so I'll leave you to follow the celebrations on TV and will write some more when the emotions have started to settle. Many books will be written about this people and these two and a half weeks of protests is certainly the biggest historical moment in modern Arab history. Alf mabroook ya Masr! May fate continue to smile upon you!

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