Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cairo Protests - Thursday 3rd

9th day of protests: I think that by putting all my focus on reporting the escalating situation in central Cairo, I have neglected my own health. My camera has followed me everywhere, I've made interviews, talking to people, trying to get a better sense of what's happening. Sleep hasn't been a priority and I haven't eaten properly in over a week. At night I lay awake, listening to gunfires and shouts, wondering how many people get killed this very minute. Last night I clinged to the Al Jazeera live pictures until dawn, defying a growing headache and fatigue.

So today I woke up with migraine and my stomach was in revolt. My beloved went hunting for a pharmacy and got me painkillers which helped me fall back into sleep for another couple of hours. 

Swedish Radio called this morning again and asked a few questions, but I barely remember it. A few hours later I got an email from a Swedish local paper, requesting yet another interview. In this morning's Borås Tidning there was a short article about me being here too. It's wierd to have the media contacting me for interviews and comments and even wierder when friends and family sees it. The first interview was fun, the second too. But now I just do it out of duty. People need to know what's going on in Cairo. Last night's clashes between pro-democratic and pro-Mubarak protesters resulted in at least 8 dead people and over 1000 injured, just minutes away from where we live. So you can imagine that it doesn't feel right to go to sleep at night when people are dying around us.

I'll give you a more detailed update about today's happenings later on.

DN, Aftonbladet, SvD, Expressen, GP

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