Sunday, February 20, 2011

Egypt Protests - Staying Safe, How to Outmaneuver the Police and Other Useful Advices

Outmaneuvering the police:

[...]The best defense is chaos. If situations change constantly the police cannot keep up. Keep moving. Change your appearance. Open new directions  and  possibilities. Be unpredictable.

Watch out for provocateurs including but not limited to “peace police”. These self appointed enforcers of “peace” infiltrate demonstrations and try to prevent people from walking in the street or engaging in many forms of protest. They sometimes wear armbands (usually white) and will report people to the police or attempt to apprehend  them personally. Also watch out for individuals trying to  instigate violence against obvious non-targets. These people are often police or employed by them to discredit us.

This advice, among many others can be found on Daily Kos: Guide to Safety and Victory in Street Confrontations UPDATE, and have been "compiled and edited by Anonymous-affiliated veterans of prior revolutions and other occasions on which civilians have successfully fought security forces." I recommend it to anyone directly or indirectly involved in the uprisings spreading throughout the world.

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