Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In every obstacle there's an opportunity

So I got admitted to the online Pedagogy class at University of Umeå and today my application for study loan came through too, which means that in about a week I will get my first payment and will be able to book a one-way-ticket to Morocco. When I got the news about the loan I literally started to shake. I know I didn't really have a reason to worry about wether I would get it or not, because I've passed all my classes so far, but there was still a tiny part of me that was prepared for something else to go wrong so I would have to postpone my move even longer. But al-hamdulillah I don't have to!

Now there are a ton of things that needs to be taken care of before I can go; school books to be ordered and delivered, a new passport, insurance, various paper work and a mighty big suitcase. And of course a course of treatment using penicillin to get rid of a nasty infection.

If I'm lucky, then I'll be out of Sweden in less than a month. Hurrah!

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