Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ticket is Booked!

Finally I got to book the ticket. I got a very happy surprise yesterday when I called the bank's phone service to check if possibly I had a few coins left and instead I realized that my first payment of the study loan had come through! I didn't expect it until the end of the month, so imagine how happy I was to be able to buy the ticket and move weeks in advance.

So, on the 22nd this month I'm finally leaving Sweden for a new life in Taghazout, Morocco. I was first thinking of flying with Ryan Air to Marrakech again but decided against it since they only allow 15 kg of luggage. I got another ticket with IBERIA for around 2500 SEK, which is an acceptable price. Then I'll be able to bring two bags with 23 kgs each, and land in Agadir instead of Marrakech.

I'm starting to get a bit nervous. There are tons of things I have to deal with before I go, but at least the ticket is booked and paid for and most of my course litterature is on the way. I hope I will get all the necessary paper work before I go, but if I don't I suppose mum can send them to me as soon as I get myself a post box in Morocco. There's no turning back now; I'm going!

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Rachid said...

FINALLY!! : ))
I can't wait for you to be with me again.