Friday, July 6, 2012

Sudan Protests XVII

By the Wad Nubawi Mosque today

Post will be updated during the evening.

Friday again. That means prayers and in this case, more protests.

Directly after Friday prayers in Khartoum, people started to gather. Some imams even encouraged people to protest. In Wad Nubawi, NISS surrounded the mosque and shot teargas and rubber bullets. People were trapped inside the mosque for a couple of hours. Doctors on spot set up temporary work stations to treat the wounded and residents in the area brought food. Some reports claim that live ammunition has been used and that a protester called Otaiba was wounded in the leg after he was hit by live ammunition. 

Burning tear gas and rubber bullets in Wad Nubawi

This week's gas fashion within NISS includes a type of burning gas which was frequently used around Wad Nubawi mosque. Many were hurt but the doctors' committe released a statement saying that they've been ordered not to help injured protesters.

The crew of AlArabiya was arrested by NISS and later released.

Update: It now seems confirmed that NISS detained the Aljazeera reporter and camera man. The reporter was released after an hour but the camera man (Yassir Suliman) was brought to an unknown location and is currently still held. Both their phones were taken.

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