Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sudan Protests VII

It now seems to be more or less confirmed that the government will shut down communication in Sudan (internet and possibly cell phones). In case this happens, here's what you can try (info from Bassem's Weblog):

1) Connect the phone to laptop via bluetooth, then right click and choose "Use a modem" if you don't have one.
2) Go to Network and choose "Create new dial up connection"
3) When asked to enter a phone number, user name and password, use one of the following. They can't cut them off:




Here are also some dial-up numbers you can use:

Update: Najla Sidahmed was released by NISS and taken to hospital. She suffered from hypoglycemia since she'd been interrogated for 8,5 hours without food. To Al-Arabiya, Sidahmed said "NISS arrest me every morning and let me go in the evening to prevent me from documenting."

In Al Daim, the situation is getting tense again. Armed NISS agents dressed as civilians are patrolling the streets carrying guns and rods. Those NISS agents who don't hide behind costumes have also kidnapped the son of Kamal Omar, the political secretary of the Popular Congress Party (PCP) as hostage in return for his father. I'm trying to refrain from personal opinions when writing about serious things like this, but this time I must say that NISS has sunken way below the surface of what's ok. Furthermore, NISS cars are parked outside of hospital, reportedly to pick up people who were injured during the protests.

Meanwhile, freedom fighters and their opponents are getting ready for another night of protests. In the picture below, police are loading their cars with teargas:

List of people detained since yesterday (there are many more and I'll keep updating the list as I get more names):

Usamah Ali
Omer Mahgoub - released
Muntasir Alfadil Abdullah
Ahmad Hussein
Seed Ahmad Zaki
Waleed Wadidi
Mohamed Altoum
Erwa Sadig
Alsadig Jameel
Abdelrahman Ibrahim Mohamed
Elgoni Idris
Adam Jireijeer
Hasan Talam
Fayez Abdullah
Kifa7 Osman
Haj Ahmed
Fahd Mohamed
Sari Awad
Karima Abdeen
Sarah Deif-allah

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Peace be with you my Sudanese friends and family! More tomorrow.


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