Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sudan Protests V

This post will be continuously updated during the day.

Egyptian journalist Salma Elwardany (@S_Elwardany on Twitter) and blogger/activist Maha El-Senosy (@MimzicalMimz on Twitter and blogs here) was arrested by NISS while covering the protests on the 5th day and taken to an unknown location. Mimz' last tweet today said "just got stopped by NISS in front of jamaa" and Elwardany: "BREAKING: Khartoum state government dissolved, as anti-austerity unrest enters fifth day :Governor."

Update: @MimzicalMimz and @S_Elwardany was released during the afternoon, Wardany was held a bit longer and autorities have yet to determine if she will be deported or not. She lost her work permit in Sudan.

There are reports of hundreds of protesters that have been detained, mistreated and released these last few days. Protesters got their hairs shaved off, they got stripped of their clothes, flogged and left in the sun (which is not warm and nice but hot and extremely scorching) for hours.

Protests are held outside the Sudanese embassy in Cairo and people are chanting "Teer teer ya Bashir" (fly/go Bashir) and "Yasqot 7okm el3askar" (down with military reign). In Dongola, a town in North Sudan, people have joined the demonstrations. Picture below.

There's a call for Friday protests called "Friday haboob" (haboob means sand storm) against Keizan, which is the name for the fundamentalist government that rules the country. The protests are to be held "in mosques and the streets, bridge and neighborhoods" on Friday, June 22nd, after prayers:

Are you in Khartoum? I'm in need of comments/interviews and photos! You can of course be anonymous if you wish.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your close follow up and good documentation. Please keep it up, as we ( Sudanese ) are poor in documentations in general. Ahmed

Meme said...

I'll keep at it for as long as it takes. I can't do much from here, but trying to get the information out I can and will continue to do for dear Sudan.

Thanks for reading!