Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cockroaches, studies and a beautiful day!

What an absolutely gorgeous day! Ok, yesterday was shitty. I failed my first exam in Pedagogy and realized that I'll be very low on cash this month. I was really pissed off and wanted to go see Rachid at work, but then I found a cockroach in my shoes and couldn't find the keys. But no worries. Apparently there were quite a few that failed so at least I'm not alone, and on Friday I'll get my second chance. I finished writing the second exam, which is due on Wednesday, so now I have a couple of days extra to rewrite the first one. Phew!

Anyways, I woke up in a great mood. Maybe because of happy dreams that I can't remember, or maybe because I in my sleep realized that everything will be ok. No need to worry or get stressed up because of problems that aren't really problems at all. So I got up, made myself a subway á la Morocco with white beans and stuff and sat down to study for a couple of hours. I then slipped in my cockroach free shoes, found the keys and went down to the shop where Rachid is working. We went to the beach, found ourselves a nice little spot on the rocks, had a swim in the great waves of the Atlantic and dried ourselves in the warm sun. Ah... at times like that I wish I could share the bliss i feel in my heart and soul.

A few days ago Shasha Marley got a friend. We found Ziggy Marley all alone and full of fleas on the beach and decided to take him home. He's about the same age as Shasha and they are now getting along very well. It's also way cool to have a pitch black and a snow white cat! The fleas were taken care of with vinegar and garlic. I hope they'll stay away for good. Fleas are well disgusting!

My tomatoes are growing healthily too. If I'm lucky they'll be fully grown by the time parts of my family gets here. It would be great to offer then fresh vegetables from my own garden, especially since I hate fresh tomatoes myself : P


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