Tuesday, March 7, 2006


I've gotten many complaints that I haven't written for a while, so now I've finally gotten the thumb out and to an internet café to report of the latest events in Maria's strange life.

First of all, I'll have to make a correction. I do no stay in the country legally. My passport seems to be missing among authorities, along with the 150 USD I had to bribe the guy with today. Today I spoke to Tarek who is Khalid's uncle and also a police officer. He said he would do his best to fix this little situation. I just hope that I won't have to bribe even more people, and that it won't be too long until I can be on a plane back to Sweden. I sat in the car and cried last night since I still hadn't gotten my passport and visa but became in a better mood after having seen "Team America" Absolutely hilarious! Watch it!

Well, and then we were meant to get engaged tomorrow. For real. Me and Khalid discussed this a month or so ago and decided to get engaged if I get to stay in the country. The reason is that you can't live as boy- and girlfriend here without being engaged, so the conclusion was to get engaged if I was to stay and we still wanted to see each other. But, so I came to that point when I decided that my time in Sudan is over and I postponed the engagement in the last minut, which is somewhat of a catastrophy since an engagement means a big party with all family and relatives present. We had booked a DJ and a boat on the Nile for the ceremony, chosen rings and everything. Khalid of course was devestated, but he calmed down after I explained that I can't get engaged without knowing if he can get a stay permit in Sweden and things like that. He understood.

A month ago I went with Khalid and his uncle a down sount of Khartoum to camp in the desert by the Nile. It was so coxy, except that we woke up in a minor sandstorm, aka haboob, and had to pack the tent together and everything elswe with sand and dust stuck in your mouth, eyes, hair and you name it. After that there has been a few mini-haboobs in Khartoum. It is interesting to experience, once, but when the storm has calmed down there are dust and sand everywhere. Literally everywhere! My bags were filled with dust, the clothes never get clean, every page of every book that I have are covered with dust.

As most people know there has been some what of a turbulance in many Muslim countries after the Danish's rowdyism. I'm not going to give my opinion about the whole thing, but thought that you might wanted to know that it's been somewhat calm here. A few demonstrations, Danes got evactuated from Darfur and about a week ago the police started shooting (although I can't confirm that has to do with the hole Danish thing). The embassy called to "warn" me, asked me not to brag about being Swedish and so on.

I left Haidar's apartment (where I've been living ever since I moved out from La Familia) to live with Jaouad from Morocco and Steven from Kenya. The apartment is in Jareef West, which is in the outskirts of the city. I'm having a great time and is happy about my new friends. The other day I had a small fare well party for my closest ones. I was a bit surprised that the police didn't find their way to the party. A few days earlier I was locked in to Greek Club (where they had a party) with armed plicemen. They didn't want to let me out because they thought that the S on my driving licence meant that I was SUDANESE! Haha! I was saved by an indian that told them that I was with him.

Otherwise, not much has happened. I've been to an engagement party, cruised the Nile and went shopping with my "sister in law", Doa'a. There has been a few big demonstrations against the UN around the city. Many people believe that UN IS USA for some reason and they want them out of the country, especially from Farfur. But the demonstrations have been calm and there haven't been any major problems.

I'm hoping that this will be my last week in Sudan for a while. As soon as I get my passport (or be forced to report is missing and get a temperary one from the embassy), I will book my flight ticket and get my ass back home to Sweden. So this week is fully booked with parties, dinners and other stuff. Tonight there's a big party at the German Club, tomorrow I'm going on a fare well dinner, on Thursday we'll have a small party in Geziira Island, in the middle of the Nile. We will go by motor boat there and all alone on the island we will dance in the mini dessert and under the stars. On Friday I have promised to come and stay with Khalid and his family for a couple of days before I go home.

I'll be home soon. I miss you all and it will be heaven to breath fresh air, drink tap water and have a cold beer on a Tuesday afternoon.

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