Sunday, October 2, 2005

Important Me

It's been an eventful week. First of all I can annouce that I got a job. All by myself! By coincidence I ended up on SWERA's (Swedish Refugee Aid) homepage. When I lived in Lund, southern Sweden, I was supposed to help them to start a refugee group, but it never happened. Anyways, on their webpage it said that they have a cooperation with AHA (African Humanitarian Action) here in Sudan. So, I wrote an email with CV, intriduced myself and asked if they possibly needed any help with anything here in Khartoum, and a couple of days later I got a reply from the general secretary saying that they could really use my help.

I think I'm menat to monitor the IDP's (Internally Displaced Persons) return to the Southern Sudan, be their liaison between SWERA and AHA, go to meetings and write reports. They don't have an office here but from what I gather I will be their only representant in the country. In one or two weeks I will get more information about what I will do. I met a woman from SIDA, went to a few Norwegian organizations and will go with them to one of the IDP camps outside of Khartoum as soon as I get a travel permit.

PS. I think I'll be on Transit in P3 on October 7, so keep your ears open! DS

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