Saturday, October 22, 2005

Ghosts and Mysteries.

Ok, I've been alone in the big horrible house for two weeks now and I'm guessing it's starting to affect me. I was reading a horror novel (duh...) when the electricity went out and I heard wierd noises and saw strange shadows everywhere. I've hardly slept at all this past week! A few days ago I first woke up by our maid had opened the bedroom door and was standing there looking at me, I waved at her, turned around and went back to sleep. Later I found out that she apparently hadn't even been in the house that day! The day after I woke up when something invisible was poking at me. So, either this house is haunted or I'm going crazy. No one else seems to believe me. I told Björn and Alessandra about the events and they offered me a bed to sleep in in their house until my employer and his daughter gets back. I'm thinking of accepting since I doubt if I can spend one more night listening for ghosts!

Except for the ghosts I once woke up by the bed was shaking. I tried to be logical and thought that it must have been a minor earth quake, but no one else seems to have noticed it...

Later that day I went to an internet café close by. When I came out of there I saw that the whole horizon was filled with thick black smoke. A gentleman said that it must be a gass station on fire. I crossed the first lane of the big road and stood there watching the spectacle, all the wile standing in the middle of two lanes. Normally one usually looks the way were the cars comes from when crossing a street, but this day I learned to look at all possible and impossible directions before crossing. I was half a meter of being hit by a bus that was driving in the oposite direction. And they got angry with me! With my dear death experience I went home to my ghosts.

Winter is getting close and it's actually quite comfortable at night (only like 30 degrees). Can you imagine that I actually freeze when it's below 25?! If it had been 25 degrees in my bedroom home in Sweden I would have been close to dying from the heat. It's amazing how the body can adapt.

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Silly Sweden-Loving Chick said...

Whew, sounds scary! Specially with the fact that you were all alone :(