Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wake up World!

I have to say it; no matter if your for or against WikiLeaks, it's clear that the witch hunt of  Julian Assange and the organization is far more freightening than the information that is being leaked. The world has participated in elections on false causes. How can a state claim to be democratic when we don't have the correct information to base our votes on? No, thanks to WikiLeaks, leaders around the world are standing with their pants down both in the sense of being ready to be fucked in the ass by USA and for their citizens to see them for what they really are. Except for PayPal's and Amazon's guile, both MasterCard and Visa now refuse to accept payments to WikiLeaks, saying that it's against the companies rules to directly or indirectly promote illegal actions. Now this is strange. WikiLeaks hasn't been prosecuted or condemned with any crime. Is it really a crime to tell the truth? Yes, in dictatorships.

Julian Assange turned himself in to the London police earlier today. It's still unclear if he will be submitted to Sweden, but he's being held in jail and refused bail until December 14th because of a "high risk for escape." Assange write in a public letter:

We are the underdogs. The Gillard government is trying to shoot the messenger because it doesn't want the truth revealed, including information about its own diplomatic and political dealings.

It's sick and highly alarming. The west has never been in such an obvious malfeasance, bent by the mighty USA that rather lets their own people starve and suffer than give up their aggressive foreign policies, anything to let the rest of the world understand who is their true leader and what happens if they would refuse to bend themselves to their will. I want to see more democratic journalism, that serve the readers and not the banks or governments driven by their slimy lust for power and money. People are worth more than that and it's time for us to make use of the power of the masses. 40 years from now I don't want to sit in a constantly monitored old people's home with cracked concrete walls and crappy food, and through my barred windows watch a world that fell apart and know that I could have done something about it. 

This is my way of taking a stand. Spread the information and support WikiLeaks in any way you can. Demonstrate, write letters, boycot the cowardly companies that think they can judge what is legal and what isn't to gain respect from Big Brother. Even though the press are too afraid to give their support, you don't have to be. Make your children and grandchildren proud, give them the opportunity to one day tell their children how brave their grandmother was, to stand up for democracy, free information and freedom of expression.

Edit: The witch hunts for Assange and WikiLeaks are as far as we know two different cases (Assange is being accused for sexual assault, but some believes it to be a setup). I do not claim that Assange is either guilty or not guilty, which I write more about in my previous post Freedom is Slavery. I do claim, however, that WikiLeaks, as an organization, is doing the right thing by spreading the documents given to them. Wether that's legal or not doesn't really matter, I still believe it to be right and a step in the right direction for true democracy.


Josef said...

It is important to keep the two apart, Wikileaks and Julian are two COMPLETELY different issues. Wikilieaks is made up of thousands of people, Julian is one guy. You write "[...] the witch hunt of Julian Assange and the organization is far more freightening than the information that is being leaked." Do you know he's innocent of rape/molestation? Isn't it a bit hasty to take Julians side without the facts? Even though I suspect it to be a conspiracy I would be very careful before I take any side. I might take Wikileaks side, but not Julians OR the prosecutor on the accusations of rape/molestation because I know a lot more about the Wikileak issue than the accusations against Julian. Even if it is a conspiracy one shouldn't take ANY side unless one has all the facts. Göran Lindberg turned out to be a turd even though he was a high ranked chief of police.

Meme said...

I completely agree and I might have expressed myself in the wrong way. In my previous post "Freedom is Slavery?" I write:

"WikiLeaks' frontman, Julian Assange, is being accused for sex crimes of two Swedish women. Many believes this to be a setup and I'm not qualified to judge what is true and what isn't. But what is true is that Assange is merely a face of a much larger organization. His actions or personal qualities have little to do with the values and distinctions of WikiLeak."

So my apologizes for being unclear, it's not my place, or any other civilian's, to judge if he's guilty or not. I'm not taking sides with Assange, but I am standing up for free information and I think that WikiLeaks are promoting this more than any media I know of.

Josef said...

Ooh, that's what you get for not reading your previous post :P. I think my reply was as much a comment to your post as it was getting my thoughts straight by "thinking loud".

Meme said...

Been there done that, but I'll try to be clearer in the future and not expect people to read every post I've ever written. So, thanks for revealing my flaws, I promise to get better ; )

Meme said...

(I'll edit the post so it won't be misunderstood too, thanks again!)

B said...

allt bra med dej å Khalid???
tänkte bara önska er en God Jul å ett Gott Nytt År!!!!

Meme said...

Tack detsamma.